Sometimes, I will post trivia here, relevant to the Trials of a Demon Prince world.  Some of this will be revealed in future books, some will never be revealed, but is in my head to drive a storyline.  Of course, there isn’t much room left in my head, so spitting it out here may help.


What exactly is Azbaelus?  It’s hinted at in Break, and in his own book, more of his background will be revealed, but basically, he’s a centaur.  His mother, who debuts in the second book, is a dharkyn sorceress.  His father is a demonic animal spirit known as Incus Equus, or in various literatures, a hellhorse, or a nightmare.  Those sort of spirits are formed from mortal souls that practiced the basest, or most “bestial”, of evils, and commonly manifest as darker versions of domestic animals, usually horses, dogs, or cats.   They also always manifest hellfire in some form.  They are more intelligent than mortal animals, which will always recognize them for what they are and avoid them.

How Azbaelus came to be such an unusual mix I will leave for his book.  Likewise to his feelings on it (although since he does not willingly wear that form, you can probably guess) and why.

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