End O Weekend

Just thoughts as the weekend winds down. I got very little work done, writing or artwork wise. I did stroll puppets at the Delaware Ave Street Fair, which was fun, and which was brutally hot. Yay, for a change I remembered sunscreen, otherwise my feet and arms would have been crisped. Doing that left me wiped for the rest of the day, though. And when I woke up at last today, my legs were feeling the effects (although it worked itself out faster than I expected).

Yeah, I need to get some sculpting and jewelry done. And I need a big Rubbermaid bin, like Castle Bridge had, to keep all my saleable goods together in. Therefore, I need more money.

And my video card has shit the bed. I can’t make money if I can’t be out selling this stuff, eh? Random thoughts, I assumed this weekend was supposed to be nice, but its muggy as all get-out in here right now (probaby what’s killing the video card) and I can’t even concentrate. All I want to do is sleep.

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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