Not today

Not posting an excerpt today, just an update on life. Saturday I will be with John Koethen doing some puppeteering around the Delaware Ave Street festival, which is always a blast, combination festival and garage sale and lots of cool stuff to be seen.

Also still looking for an outlet to sell my mini marionettes. I have yet to buy tables or a tent to involve myself in vendor events (at this point, I guess I’ll probably have to start next summer since the season is half over), but I think the puppets might do well on consignment if I find a store that’s the right fit.

And hopefully this week, I’ll start working on a puppet of Sun, in dragon form. Tricky. Animal puppets usually are, but the preying mantis was an experiment, and Baphomet was an experiment (he has working wings), so I tend to do okay with winging it.

HAHAHAAHA, no that wasn’t a pun. I’m just jacked up on caffeine.

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