Next Prince: Valfour

His name crops up commonly in games, also spelled Valefor and Valefar, and in some circles he is feted as a demon lord of thieves.  Valfour’s sphere of influence, however, is War, and as such he is also often associated with the apocalyptic Horseman.  He appears as a massive (and empty) suit of armor, spiked at the joints and topped by a heavy  horned helm.  His realm is a vast sprawl of rolling hills, the ground soaked in blood and covered with dead grass and bones.  In a pit to the very northernmost point, surrounded by spikes and ballistae, is his palace of iron.

It is said (we can only guess by who) that Valfour seldom, if ever, speaks.  He is also rarely found in his above-mentioned home, but spends most of his time among the Worlds, fomenting strife and battle in his wake.  Because of his secretive nature, there has been some speculation that he and Ares are the same being, but it has long since been established that they are two different entities.

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