Excerpt from book 2

     The way he picked thoughts right out of my head! I should have trusted my instinct. He struck me as suspicious from the start, and now I’ve fallen into his trap.
     “This is your task. Return to Mr. Rhoades’ home. Tell Azzie, or Reyneart, exactly what I’ve told you: Baal and Alamaine have joined forces with DarkStar. Azzie will be found shortly if he isn’t careful. Do not mention me.”
*What if Azzie…*
     “Azzie does not remember me, which is my design. Once you deliver the information, stay by his side a few days, then report back to me on this very spot.”
     *This is monstrous!* Sun’s muscles bulged as he struggled against the spell. It was futile; bands of steel could not have held him tighter. *I did not steal him from Baal to sacrifice him to you. You would slay me? Do it now, for while I bear him no love, I will not cooperate in his death at anyone’s hands.*
     “How pukingly noble. It didn’t even sound rehearsed. Again, you mistake my motives.”
     *Motives you have still to reveal.*
     “Should I choose to. At this time, I don’t. I had ample opportunity to kill him in his cell, and did not. That should speak for itself. I do not wish him dead.”
     *Azzie cannot recall the incident. How do I know you aren’t lying?*
     “Believe me, or don’t. It matters little.” Another gesture, accompanied by a flare of light, and Sun stumbled forward, the spell released.

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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