Another introspective moment: Azbaelus on Evil

     “I do not consider myself Evil.  I have my own set of values, and morals, and because they differ from yours, they are Evil.  For example, I believe the weak should be culled, or serve the strong.  Others feel everyone deserves the same chance, or should be boosted or helped along to keep up, to survive.  But in this, nature, and evolution, agree with me.  The strong survive, and strengthen the herd overall.  Weakness is not tolerated.

     “You reply, but that’s what ennobles us.  It places us above Nature.  Well, to that I say that mortals are part of Nature, and to think yourselves above it is unforgivable arrogance.  It has already placed the Elves, Dharkyn and Heighkyn both, on the verge of extinction.  And trying to define Good and Evil sets those who remain against each other, as it does with Humans.  Good and Evil are relative to each individual.  They define each other.  There is very little that falls into the absolute of one or the other.

     “I am not Evil.  I work for the Balance.”


Published by azbaelus

Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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