Battling trolls

     Azzie was on one knee. Hellfire raged from his fingertips and arced in a spectacular display to incinerate the troll Frank had abandoned. Sun, too, lashed out as soon as Frank was clear; twin jets of flame lanced from his open palms to catch the other trolls.
Frank stumbled into the shelter of the passageway and wiped sweat from his brow. He ran a hand through his hair and cringed at how slick it felt. He’d never feel clean again, he thought. Worlds stood between him, a scalding shower, and a bottle of disinfectant.
      The trolls couldn’t regenerate tissue once it burned away; the magical onslaught was effective. The key to the battle was fire, a gift Frank didn’t possess.
      It would be another fight easily won…without him.
      He watched and sulked. Then the fourth troll appeared.
      Frank didn’t know if it was intentional but the monster sprang up directly beneath Azzie. The Dharkyn, thrown off balance, rolled with knees tucked to avoid a sprawl onto his back. No matter; the damage was done. Azzie’s concentration was disrupted. Trails of black and red energy left flashes across Frank’s vision as the hellfire dissipated. Azzie regained his feet with inhuman grace and fetched up against a wall.

Published by azbaelus

Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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