Done With Dunkin

I like to think I’m a savvy, but fair, consumer.  I give multiple chances, because I’ve worked in customer service and have had bad days.  Well, Dunkin had a slew of chances, and I’m done, at least with the Watervliet store. How hard is it?  An Everything bagel toasted with butter?  Ok, I get it.  […]

How We Got Here

Oh, it started before the election; after all, my big question was “how did we get to having these as our choices?” (because honestly, I’m sure no fan of Clinton, either). Well, a lot of folks blame social media.  No denying that’s one piece of the puzzle.  We’ve dehumanized each other, distanced ourselves.  We no […]


Some days I’m fine.  Some days I sink right down. Even depression and anxiety can be at odds with each other.  I get miserable because I’m lonely, but then I get an invite to go out and do something, and I can’t bear the thought of leaving my safehome. Recently, it’s because I can’t bear […]