Two Thoughts

 Politics.  I rarely speak of them, because I hate them, even before this enormous cluster reared its fugly head.  My dad was devoted, and did a lot for the Democrats in Watervliet, because I think he believed, truly believed, that somehow they could do some good (maybe on the local level, anyway).  But I just […]

Up And Coming

First off, for those who messaged me and were concerned over my rather vague “pain” posts, I appreciate it.  I’ll touch on it briefly here.  The problem is a really, really large skin tag in a really, really bad spot.  That should say it all.  The ER wouldn’t touch it.  So after jumping through a […]

Bit Suspicious

Some of you know I’ve had issues with Target lately.  One of their customers ordered a load of stuff online, and had an email similar to mine, except mine is really, really old and had no numbers.  Well, this guy typed in my email, not his.  So every time part of his order shipped, I […]