Coloring Books?

Well, why not? I know a few people who enjoy coloring.  I know one or two who are very much into the craze, and while I’ve seen some people write articles bashing it, I think it’s great.  I can relate, because I for one, need a creative outlet.  For many years, I stopped doing art, […]

The Origins

Let’s get back to the books for a minute, because really, that’s what I’m trying to sell you.  A few people have asked how it started, or when it started, so I’ll explain quickly here.  My fellow geeks/nerds/what-have-you find it interesting. Dungeons and Dragons.  Yep.  Azbaelus, the Demon Prince of note, was originally a D&D […]

On The Heels

Infinity Con for me did not go well.  Not a lot of people.  Fun?  Yes.  A lot of cool stuff?  Yes. And overall, a nice weekend getaway (would have been nicer minus the rain but eh, what can you do, still in a scenic area, cloistered away with good friends).  Why didn’t they come?  I […]

In One Week

Infinity Con!  In beautiful summertown Lake George! WHEEE! Infinity Con I mean, c’mon, the Mystery Machine will be there!  Who cares about the new Ghostbusters…that’s sacrilege…but THE MYSTERY MACHINE! I’m listed under Exhibitors (YAY!).  Course, my name is spelled wrong, because despite my fondest wishes, I never married and lucked into a shorter name like […]