Puppet shows at libraries.  Probably not a thing for most of you, unless you have kids.  July 11th at the Troy Public Library, I believe at 6:30?  And a couple shows at the Colonie Town Library on August 2nd.   Yes, I gave up my birthday to do puppet shows.  Unless they serve vodka at libraries, […]


Ok, I haven’t done a rant in a while, but now I have a reason. Doctors.  I rant against the medical industry in general, and mainly because it IS an industry.  A fatly profitable one. I didn’t tell people this, because I was really scared, and I didn’t want others questioning me when I didn’t […]

The Outcome?

Wet.  Really wet.  And cold. It started out good. Ok, it was damp, and slightly rainy, but there were still lots of people.  And the cutest doggies and kitties! Then the downpours began.  Not only outside, but inside.  I know at something like this the event planners can’t be responsible for the weather.  But really, […]