Just a Quickie

Happy Memorial Day. Devote a few minutes in silent remembrance of those who gave all. Share time with those you love.   Time off from work is grand, and like unexpected cash: spend some of it on you, but spend most of it wisely.  Get outside.  Put the phone down. Eat some crap, eat something better […]

Win at Syracuse

What an awesome Con!  So worth the drive (not even 2.5 hours).  It was absolutely packed.  And if you’re a shopper, yes, there is a lot of the same, if you frequent Cons, but there was also some different stuff.  Different artists, too.  The Ghostbusters of Upstate NY are based out of here, and they’re […]


Dress warm, it’s going to be chilly there. https://www.facebook.com/events/169285536759137/ http://www.syracusecomiccon.com/ The Batmobile (1966) and a cosplay contest with cash prizes! A slew of guests including contestants from seasons of Face Off! Video game contests!  Trivia contests!  A Deadpool dunk tank (that apparently depends on how cold it gets)! And lots of vendors, myself included! If […]

One week

…since you looked at me….ok, I don’t know a whole lot of Bare Naked Ladies, but wasn’t that a good song? Mother’s Day.  Not good.  Oh, Spirit is by my side, and he was a total cuddlebug last night.  But my mother wasn’t my mother, and my father was my father, and no, I never […]


Sweet, sweet spring!  Don’t know about you, but when I’m out, and I see the different shades of green all around, fresh leaves burst from their buds, shrubs in bloom, robins bouncing in the grass…it’s uplifting, isn’t it?  Ok, winter wasn’t bad at all this year, so I didn’t complain, but still, the green is […]