Come on, People.

I have to speak up.  This is making me crazy. Mark Zuckerberg isn’t giving anyone anything.  Not stock, not money.  Facebook can’t even get your posts to the people you want to see them, they want your phone number for increased “security”, they censor pictures at random….and you would entrust them to give out scads […]


Oh, when things truly become clear and you see how far you’ve come! I had a best friend in high school.  Who didn’t?  We went to different colleges, and sort of kept touch.  Finally she moved out to western NY and although a few times I tried to keep the friendship going, the interest wasn’t […]

Cyber Monday

Flash reminder, whoop whoop whoop!  (I love Cyber Monday being but ironically, I ordered stuff earlier and it all ARRIVED on Cyber Monday, including my Death Wish coffee and my new Kindle!) Whoop whoop whoop! Get a print or a magnet on Etsy at the Bozprints shop: Or a Break in the Balance or […]