Painful Delay

For those following my gigs, the Professor Java’s gig has now been moved to Dec 5th.  Still no date or time for the reception/signing, hopefully I will have that info sometime this coming week. It will run through Jan 31st. Why?  The former art manager there apparently double-booked November. Ie-circumstances beyond my control. Now for […]

Flashback and Etsy reminder

First up, if you haven’t checked out and liked my Etsy shop, please do so.  I added the magnets to it (I made more, too).  I don’t have high expectations from it, but figured it’s another way to keep myself out there, right? What’s interesting, though, is that tonight I also found another portfolio, […]

Vegas Behind!

What fun!  Too bad I’m sick now.  Don’t know what it is, Halloween all my screaming and yelling and excitement earned me a sore throat (and I’m sad, I don’t want to have that “reformed smoker” attitude, but certain cigarettes were really, really irritating me, one brand, anytime my friend was near me with it, […]