NY Hauntings: Cohoes Music Hall (Part 2)

Finishing up with what I began, the believes, and my findings on them. 5.  Activity ramps up when the building undergoes renovation.  I worked there for a couple of seasons, and I heartily agree with this.  All kinds of things went on during  the first run of Nunsense, and this was when they were attemptingContinue reading “NY Hauntings: Cohoes Music Hall (Part 2)”

NY Hauntings: Cohoes Music Hall

First, in case you haven’t heard of it, below are some common stories associated with it, and my take on them. 1.  Haunted by the ghost of Eva Tanguay.  Eva Tanguay was a vaudeville star (Canadian).  Details here if you’re interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eva_Tanguay Eva, along with many other notables, appeared at Cohoes Music Hall, and legendContinue reading “NY Hauntings: Cohoes Music Hall”

Random Thoughts on vacation

(No, I didn’t go anywhere.  I’m trying to organize more artwork, and create more artwork, and publicize Break, and get reading done, including reading to give out some reviews, and work on my NCTI course, and write a rework of Simon Festus, and progress on book 3….wait…vacation?  What?) 1.  What gives, Vermont?  Vermont, I loveContinue reading “Random Thoughts on vacation”

Not Sorrowful (Except for the stupidity involved)

I posted this on Facebook, but man, I gotta share it with a bigger audience.  This happened Wednesday morning.  Yes, it really happened. How this morning started: At Dunkin, in the drive-thru. The drive-thru comes out in an alley, which is one-way. You MUST turn left. And, right there, plastered on a fence, is aContinue reading “Not Sorrowful (Except for the stupidity involved)”