…only in a video game….

…do animals drop treasure, like breastplates, magic wands, and gold. …can adventurers collect all that treasure, because everyone can carry 8-12 backpacks, along with their weapons. …can you be a hero to everyone yet make extra gold by rolling the corpses of innocents. …can you shamelessly steal from barrels, boxes, and chests in town, andContinue reading “…only in a video game….”

The Beginning continued….

As a (seemingly) mortal child, Azbaelus was subjected to all kinds of torments from the devils around him, although he was never in real danger, as he was also recognized as being under Asmodeus’ aegis.  He was given the ability to shapeshift for this reason: centaurs don’t function well in a castle.  Stairs?  Humanoid-designed furnishings? Continue reading “The Beginning continued….”