Random Thoughts

Sometimes I’m scrambled, and not coherent enough to be able to blog on one subject.  Things pop into my head, and vanish just as quickly. 1.  Scotus gets it right.  I don’t understand why this is so upsetting to some people.  I really can’t believe that many people take the Bible quite that literally, eh, […]

On Books

Which do you prefer?  Physical books, or ebooks? Over the past couple weeks I’ve heard a lot on both sides of the debate.  I used to be of the “I like to curl up with a real book” club, but having a Kindle did in fact change that.  The sheer convenience of a Kindle, and […]

A long overdue excerpt from Undead Oz

“Beyond the gates! What do you remember beyond the…” Before Thatcher could finish, there was a horrible, ground-shaking explosion, and the four were thrown in every direction. Tinna landed with a racket of clanging. Thatcher’s landing was nearly soundless, but he was forced to pat out several smoking patches on himself. Dawthy and Monk rolled […]


I stressed for nothing.  I sold both books and artwork, and handed out an amazing amount of bookmarks and biz cards (I think quite a few people may go and get Kindle versions of the books, too).  I didn’t sell any puppets, but they certainly caught eyes.  I even got a few compliments on my […]

Comic Con Eve

And I should be chillaxin’, right? No, I decided to throw myself into a frenzy of trying to remember how to use polyshrink, and I’m making pins.And fretting, and sweating.  Some Paranormal Activity in the background (hey, I liked those movies, even as they got more and more outlandish).  I watched Through The Never earlier, […]


Comic Con approaches.  And stress rises. I’m not a successful artist going to greet fans.  I’m not an inker for DC or Marvel.  And while I like comics, I wouldn’t want to do that, anyway.  My understanding is that they are intensively trained in that style, and I like doing whatever I want to do.  […]

Hello June

So the book party was a blast.  Not perhaps the huge success I’d hoped for, if only because it was a weekend where a load of other things were going on, and that’s to be expected.  The first one was in February; weather sucked and there was nothing to do.  Now…well, now it’s like 55 […]