The Week So Far…

I stole that from Supernatural, you know.  “The road so far…” I purpled my finger.  Like PURPLE.  And my friends try to be helpful; it’s adorable, because I said I didn’t know what I did.  Some said splinter?  Spider bite?  Broken?  (The skin isn’t broken.  Never seen a spider bite turn everything purple; they’re usuallyContinue reading “The Week So Far…”

A long overdue excerpt from Undead Oz

“Beyond the gates! What do you remember beyond the…” Before Thatcher could finish, there was a horrible, ground-shaking explosion, and the four were thrown in every direction. Tinna landed with a racket of clanging. Thatcher’s landing was nearly soundless, but he was forced to pat out several smoking patches on himself. Dawthy and Monk rolledContinue reading “A long overdue excerpt from Undead Oz”