What on earth…

Does the nice weather inspire people to drive like complete assholes? Yeah, I like to zip along with my windows down and my Metallica blaring (HALLS OF JUSTICE!  PAINTED GREEN!  MONEY TALKIN!), but it seems lately, more people are mindlessly cutting each other off.  No signal, not even looking, with a WHOOOOP WHOOOOP there they […]


Yeah, I guess.  But I’m pretty sure it will come to nothing, which is the only reason I’m brave enough to do it.  I have some shows coming up….really exciting ones!  Albany Comic Con and Fantacon (and holy moly, I’ve followed Fantacon on and off since my D&D in high school days!)  Anyhows, it’s not […]

ER Follies

Just a quick recap of my adventures last Wednesday night. I was clipping a toenail I tore.  Silly, I didn’t want to tear it because I didn’t want it to bleed all over.  So instead, I clipped it.  And the toe next to it, so THAT bled all over.  For hours.  The second I let […]


To the Oz release party, 5/30.  Madison Grille in Albany you had BETTER be there! To Albany Comic Con.  You had BETTER be there! Well, those are the biggies, but let’s also start more countdowns: 1.  Football season.  Well. preseason.  It’s football.  Hey, I get to missing football so badly that the one year I […]

A Movie List

Are there certain movies you watch whenever they’re on, no matter how many times you’ve seen them?  You may not even necessarily sit and watch them, but you’d rather have the familiar on as background noise than sit and watch something new?  These are some of mine. 1.  Anything Marvel.  I love all these movies, […]