An excerpt….

…because it’s been a while.  From A Break In The Balance: Trials of a Demon Prince I Tierta backtracked along Justice Road until she reached a narrow cross street, little more than an alley. As she studied the windows above, she removed the adhesive from her belt pouch and liberally coated both gloves and boots. […]

More haunting stuff

So if you’re into ghost hunting on your own…I don’t know, most places you’ll need permission to get into.  I certainly wouldn’t condone sneaking/breaking into….anything…would I? Well, cemeteries are public ground, during hours.  I have run into massive activity up behind Russell Sage’s mausoleum.  (Trivia for you.  The guy was completely against women being educated.  […]

Enough, already.

Winter, I’m talking about you. My street looks like a band of one-eyed chimpanzees attacked it with broken shovels.  Parking is worse than ever. Wind chill advisory?  Telling us a completely different temperature because that single digit one isn’t depressing enough? Naming winter storms?  Are they not newsworthy if they don’t have an actual name?  […]