More haunting stuff

So if you’re into ghost hunting on your own…I don’t know, most places you’ll need permission to get into.  I certainly wouldn’t condone sneaking/breaking into….anything…would I? Well, cemeteries are public ground, during hours.  I have run into massive activity up behind Russell Sage’s mausoleum.  (Trivia for you.  The guy was completely against women being educated. Continue reading “More haunting stuff”

Enough, already.

Winter, I’m talking about you. My street looks like a band of one-eyed chimpanzees attacked it with broken shovels.  Parking is worse than ever. Wind chill advisory?  Telling us a completely different temperature because that single digit one isn’t depressing enough? Naming winter storms?  Are they not newsworthy if they don’t have an actual name? Continue reading “Enough, already.”