Sneakiest Preview: the first 2 paragraphs of Undead Oz

Dawthy Pale was a mostly normal little girl, in as much as any little girl is normal. She lived in a boarding house, which was owned by her aunt and uncle, Phlegm and Henny. It was a neat and clean boarding house, and I say this because the term “boarding house” doesn’t sound very pretty,Continue reading “Sneakiest Preview: the first 2 paragraphs of Undead Oz”

Some Minor (but maybe funny) Irritations

1.  Making diseases sound hip.  I’m so serious.  It’s bad enough that we are suddenly inundated with drug commercials.  Remember commercials for booze and cigarettes?  Well, I hope those of you who protested those are happy that now advertising is all about adult diapers and catheters.  But as if to make aging easier, now weContinue reading “Some Minor (but maybe funny) Irritations”