Ever notice?

I like to think of myself as fairly observant. Well, usually. Yes, there have been times when I’ll come with “oh, when did that building go up?”, and get “6 years ago” for an answer. I guess I mean more like bizarre things that people don’t really pay attention to. 1. Funny trees.  Some day […]

More Minor Irritations (or maybe rhetorical what the eff?)

1.  Convenience/drugstore prices.   Does anyone ever buy anything other than junk food or cigarettes in these places?  I needed creamer one night.  Instead of making 2 trips, since I needed to pick up scrips at RiteAid, I figured I’d get creamer there, too, instead of battling my way into Chopper for one item.   The creamer […]

More Undead Oz! Some dialogue from quite early on

“Dawthy!” Auntie Phlegm gasped. “How could you?! You wicked, wicked witch! Ellie the Ghoul! It’s what you are, hurting an innocent little dog! A witch and a ghoul!” Auntie Phlegm looked as if she were going to faint right onto the floor. Chunk and Mapleface stared at each other with their mouths hanging open. Uncle […]