When I talk back to the TV….

1.  Have you had a transvaginal mesh implant?   What?!  If I did, you ain’t examining it in a courtroom. 2.  It’s HUUUUUUUUGE.  You wish. 3.  Are you disgusted with rejection?  No, I’m disgusted with “credit angels” that look like they moonlight on 1-900 lines. 4.  BBC America.  Television from the other side.  Yeah, of theContinue reading “When I talk back to the TV….”

Another teeny weeny peek at Undead Oz

“Oh, dear,” said Dawthy. “Is this the only way to the City of Shattered Opals? Even if there is a way around, Wollinda said to stay on the road. She never mentioned a haunted forest.” “Because it’s a lot of tripe.” “Is it?” Even with her metal face, Tinna managed to look alarmed. “How canContinue reading “Another teeny weeny peek at Undead Oz”

Excerpt, ding ding ding from book 2

Reyneart hefted his sword again and waved it at the dragonlord, this time with no hint of menace. “Our search revealed him to be in a town called Starwheir. While she watched through the crystal, she saw him taken prisoner. By force.” Rey drew a deep breath, as if steeling himself to go on. “NormalContinue reading “Excerpt, ding ding ding from book 2”

More Minor Irritations (or maybe rhetorical what the eff?)

1.  Convenience/drugstore prices.   Does anyone ever buy anything other than junk food or cigarettes in these places?  I needed creamer one night.  Instead of making 2 trips, since I needed to pick up scrips at RiteAid, I figured I’d get creamer there, too, instead of battling my way into Chopper for one item.   The creamerContinue reading “More Minor Irritations (or maybe rhetorical what the eff?)”

More Undead Oz! Some dialogue from quite early on

“Dawthy!” Auntie Phlegm gasped. “How could you?! You wicked, wicked witch! Ellie the Ghoul! It’s what you are, hurting an innocent little dog! A witch and a ghoul!” Auntie Phlegm looked as if she were going to faint right onto the floor. Chunk and Mapleface stared at each other with their mouths hanging open. UncleContinue reading “More Undead Oz! Some dialogue from quite early on”

Minor Irritations III (HAH!)

1.  Street parking.  If you’ve never lived with it, you can’t appreciate the misery.  My street is dominated by two apartment buildings.  The one directly across is only half in use because fire destroyed one side; the one on the corner, between front and back, has 10-12 apartments in it.  There’s parking in the alleyContinue reading “Minor Irritations III (HAH!)”