On The Balance (at least how it works in the “Trials” world)

Az discusses some of this in His own book, but I’ll share this with you so you can see how I worked my mythology.  It’s known that 4 is a sacred number in a lot of cultures, and in Trials it is no different.  There are 4 “base” races, from which all other races areContinue reading “On The Balance (at least how it works in the “Trials” world)”

An Excerpt from Commedia “Taming”

Years ago, with Masque Theater, we developed an idea to combine Shakespeare with Commedia Del’Arte theatre, and dubbed it “Commedia Del’Bard”.  Working with a basic cast of 6, who had the Commedia names (Harlequin, Columbine…study that theater history, people!) I then rewrote Shakespearean comedies into summarized vignettes, 40-45 minutes in length.  I was one ofContinue reading “An Excerpt from Commedia “Taming””

How to Make Me Hate You on the Road

A helpful list, since things on the road that make me hate you (without even knowing you) doubtless make other motorists hate you, too. 1. Not passing in the passing lane. If you are in the passing lane, and not turning left anytime soon, you’d best be doing above the speed limit. And passing. HenceContinue reading “How to Make Me Hate You on the Road”

Magic with Cory Haines!

Wonderful night of magic at Prof Java’s, with the psychotic….psychic!….Cory Haines, and David MacDonald,and Evildan.  With my bud Thom by my side (and some noms at the Wolf Road diner afterward, I highly recommend their omelets).  Magic is always a great thing.  Part of you wants to know how its done, part of you doesn’t,Continue reading “Magic with Cory Haines!”