Excerpt from Book 2. Big excerpt. Comparatively, anyway.

She was gone for a long time, and the wait nearly drove him mad. More humans filed in as the train’s hour of departure rolled around. The sensation of eyes upon his back grew nerve-wracking. His façade of calm was becoming harder and harder to maintain. At one point, a woman with three toddlers inContinue reading “Excerpt from Book 2. Big excerpt. Comparatively, anyway.”

And finally: The Overlord, and Azbaelus

The current Overlord has held the position for many centuries, and He has kept Hell tightly under HIs control.  He has no specific sphere of influence, but rather oversees the other Princes and directs when and where, and how much, Evil flows into the Balance.  This particular Overlord has never been seen except under aContinue reading “And finally: The Overlord, and Azbaelus”