A Shining Beacon!

      Today, the first of (hopefully many) day trips.  Beacon, downstate right around Fishkill correction facility, Newburgh, yada yada, is a beautiful little artisan’s town.  Much like Hudson, it’s seeing increased traffic from the city.  I can only assume its why living space is so ridiculously expensive; the above building is being convertedContinue reading “A Shining Beacon!”

Bad Dreams: An Excerpt

The refrigerator thrummed its electrical song, unnaturally loud in the silence. Never before had the sound struck him as frightening; now it turned his bowels loose. That was the source of his apprehension: the refrigerator. A plain white box trimmed with chrome. His grimy fingerprints circled the handle. The dust is gone but the fingerprintsContinue reading “Bad Dreams: An Excerpt”