Trivia: On Elves

There are 3 races of Elves: Heighkyn (the Fair Elves), the Dharkyn (the Black Elves), and the Rhiankyn (the Red Elves).  Contrary to popular belief, they are named for their “hearts”, not their skin color.  The Rhiankyn are highly reclusive and many other creatures don’t even believe in their existence, but they are found deep […]


Sometimes, I will post trivia here, relevant to the Trials of a Demon Prince world.  Some of this will be revealed in future books, some will never be revealed, but is in my head to drive a storyline.  Of course, there isn’t much room left in my head, so spitting it out here may help. […]

A Shining Beacon!

      Today, the first of (hopefully many) day trips.  Beacon, downstate right around Fishkill correction facility, Newburgh, yada yada, is a beautiful little artisan’s town.  Much like Hudson, it’s seeing increased traffic from the city.  I can only assume its why living space is so ridiculously expensive; the above building is being converted […]

End O Weekend

Just thoughts as the weekend winds down. I got very little work done, writing or artwork wise. I did stroll puppets at the Delaware Ave Street Fair, which was fun, and which was brutally hot. Yay, for a change I remembered sunscreen, otherwise my feet and arms would have been crisped. Doing that left me […]