Next Prince: Astaroth

Astaroth is renowned in a variety of mythologies, and all agree that he is powerful.  He is most often depicted as either a nude man or a “foul angel” riding a dragon, holding a serpent. In truth, he is the keeper of arcane secrets.  He drives mortals with the endless thirst for knowledge, oftenContinue reading “Next Prince: Astaroth”

Next Prince: Belial

Belial, aka Pestilence.  The name means worthless in Jewish texts.  With no concerns as to his appearance, Belial wears the form of an ever-shifting, disgusting blob, sometimes phlegm-colored, sometimes clear (with evidence of bones and foul debris within).  His realm is said to be an endless swamp, hot and thick and crawling with insects, snakes,Continue reading “Next Prince: Belial”

First Prince up: Mephistopheles

Mephistopheles, aka Mephisto, is the demon best known from the Faust tale, wherein Faust sells his soul: Mephisto is the master bargainer, the heart of the legends of Devils’ Bridges and Crossroads tales.  He enjoys offering contracts (the majority of demons do not make bargains, but many mortals believe otherwise, so Mephisto has enoughContinue reading “First Prince up: Mephistopheles”

Another excerpt, re: mortality.

     “My magic comes from within me, and so is limited. Azzie can draw upon anything at hand, the energies of the Worlds, the Hells, in addition to his latent gifts. Also, I’m not truly immortal.”     “He said something like that. I just assumed he was being an asshole.”     “I won’t die of old age,Continue reading “Another excerpt, re: mortality.”

Dobbinshire Chimney Sweep video

From the short-lived Dobbinshire series, worked on with Castle Bridge/Masque Theater. Thanks, Steve, for introducing me to puppetry! I loved the folks I collaborated with on this. Every episode was hard work but a joy to film. I was the voice of Gertie, and her main puppeteer. I know Steve is still working on theContinue reading “Dobbinshire Chimney Sweep video”