Next Prince: Belial

Belial, aka Pestilence.  The name means worthless in Jewish texts.  With no concerns as to his appearance, Belial wears the form of an ever-shifting, disgusting blob, sometimes phlegm-colored, sometimes clear (with evidence of bones and foul debris within).  His realm is said to be an endless swamp, hot and thick and crawling with insects, snakes, […]

First Prince up: Mephistopheles

Mephistopheles, aka Mephisto, is the demon best known from the Faust tale, wherein Faust sells his soul: Mephisto is the master bargainer, the heart of the legends of Devils’ Bridges and Crossroads tales.  He enjoys offering contracts (the majority of demons do not make bargains, but many mortals believe otherwise, so Mephisto has enough […]