Snook Bros. at Mr. BBQ

Snook Bros. at Mr. BBQ

What a relaxing post-work Friday. Eating good barbecue, sitting in the warm sun (yes, the super hot sun according to everyone else, but man I loved it), and chilling to some music. Highly recommend it, as its happening just about every Friday this summer.


Celebrate the solstice, and revel in the peak of Nature!  A bonfire would be ideal!   Me, I’m just puttering along on Book 3 and swilling beer.

Dobbinshire Chimney Sweep video

From the short-lived Dobbinshire series, worked on with Castle Bridge/Masque Theater. Thanks, Steve, for introducing me to puppetry! I loved the folks I collaborated with on this. Every episode was hard work but a joy to film. I was the voice of Gertie, and her main puppeteer. I know Steve is still working on the Scary Harry segments (they were like little commercials under the Dobbinshire umbrella but have become their own thing!). From this, I learned how to create the fully functional mini-marionettes you see on my pages (that I plan to sell at shows). And yes, at some point, I plan to make puppets of “Break”‘s characters, but that may be a ways off….those puppets easily take 3-4 days apiece to make.