Some people shouldn’t have sharp objects….

     The Dharkyn was in no danger. Frank’s choice was made. He had to help Sun.     But how? He was unarmed, and he possessed no magic.     As soon as the thought hit, something coalesced in his right hand. Something extremely heavy; his entire center of balance shifted as he nearly tipped over.     He glanced down […]


I made him back in the mid 90s, when I was back at SUNY specializing in sculpture. He needs a new paint job, and the plaster is starting to chip in one corner, but I still love him. And he makes a great display stand for my jewelry.


     I always think its fun to come up with your “dream” cast for any book….finding that actor who most resonates with a character the way you envisioned them while reading.  Or maybe just a voice; when the character spoke, you mentally heard it as a certain someone.      “Break” was the same.  When I […]

A pretty big excerpt…wheeee

The sight sent a shiver through the dragonlord. He recognized the symptoms of blood-lust, and was afraid. Azzie was always so impassive and self-controlled; Sun hadn’t imagined he could even work himself up into such a state. He shifted his weight, ready to bolt if the Dharkyn turned on him. Magical fire wouldn’t harm him, […]

Excerpt. Derp….

Excerpt. Derp.      Frank sat quietly at Azzie’s side, unsure of what to make of the Elves and their elaborate posturing. His writer’s imagination was sorely disappointed. They were beautiful, mysterious and as exotic as he’d expected, almost dreamlike. And he’d expected them to be haughty and arrogant, but this bunch was plain rude. They […]